There is no end to software development. It is a complex process that involves number of steps that needs to be followed to get the right end results. As per your needs and budget, we will develop the optimal software solution – from GUI applications to sophisticated engines and programming complexes. We believe in using the best, most popular and cutting edge Internet-related technologies that are optimal for the project from a technical and financial point of view.

Our expert team has done all the hard work and knowledge sharing to accomplish various levels of application development projects. We are experienced professionals to develop advanced systems with complex business logic dealing with large amounts of data and transactions. We are able to supply you with most desirable, innovative, trustworthy web application solution.


Accounts v2000 (for Traders, Manufacturer & Professionals)

Pharma 2000 (Pharmaceuticals Accounting System)

CSAS 2000 (Cold Storage Accounting System)

BMAS 2000 (Bread Manufacturing Accounting System)

Nepali Accounts (Accounting system based on Nepali Date System)

Hotel Management System (HOTMAN)

Jeweller’s Accounting System

Petrol Pump Accounting System

FEEMAN (Fees Management System – for Private/Govt. Colleges, Schools etc.)

Software for News Paper (Press Activity)

Inter Branch Reconciliation System – for BanksVarious other Software for Banks i.e. Weekly, MPR, Charges, Salary, etc.

Personnel Info. System

Sales Accounting

Hospital Management system

Leasing & Financial Accounting

District Action Plan

Lottery Management System

Share Clearance

Day Book Processing (Bank Reconciliation

Personal Shares Management

Personal Address Diary (PAD)

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